Hi there and welcome to my blog. This is a first for me so, you might have to bear with bad grammar, incorrect punctuation and possibly some terms and or phrase that will either confuse the hell out of you or make you laugh uncontrollably at the fact that I am clearly out of my mind. Those of you that know me, know my story. For those that don’t, I am originally from Greenville, MS, graduate of Delta State University and now live in Hernando, Ms. I am married to the most loving and beautiful woman in the world Anna Olmi, I have an 18 year old son, Ethan, who is a freshman in college and  because of these two, I am the luckiest man on the planet.

The reason I decided to start a blog is I want to share my journey as I attempt to get my fat butt back into some kind of shape besides round. I figured if, I put this out there, made my “declaration” that I am going to lose weight and get in shape, maybe, just maybe someone would read this and either find it as a motivational tool to help them do the same or, enjoy seeing my suffer in my attempt. Now, not too terribly long ago, I was in fairly good shape. I weighed between 210-215, working out 3-4 times a week and has a 32″ waist. This was around March of 2015. I had lost a lot of weight around 2008, I had blown up to 265 lbs and felt horrible. I started a fitness program called P90X, changed my diet and lost about 85 lbs as I got down to 185 lbs. I was actually too thin so I got back up to 200-210 and maintained that weight for a while. Now, going thru a divorce and loosing a 90K a year job kind of helps you keep the weight off too. In 2015 I met Anna, who is also into fitness (More on that later) and it was love at first sight, for me anyway (Another story for another time). We married that same year and I honestly just let myself go. Long story short, I now weigh north of 250, waist is 36″ and growing rapidly and I haven’t seen the inside of a gym in a month of Sunday’s. It is not fair to my beautiful wife that she now has to come home to Jabba the Hut everyday so, I need to change that.

I have set myself a goal of being back to the weight and pant size I was when we went on our first date in 2015. I have aggressively set that goal to be accomplished on or before April 26, 2018. That is the date Anna has her SeneGence Seminar (again. another topic for later) and I have to dress up in a suit. I weighed 215 when I went on that date with Anna, I weigh 252 as of now. If my math is correct, I have to lose 37 lbs in a little less than 4 months. I am going to log my journey right here and share my successes and failure with you. Hopefully, you will help keep me accountable, find this motivating for you and get a few laughs on the way.

I will also share opinions, happenings in our day to day activities, Anna’s journey back to fitness royalty (if we can figure out how to post pics here, you will see what I mean about “Royalty”), her SeneGence adventures and last but not least, our “Beast” Ethan who is our resident Gym Rat.

Going to wrap it up for now. Hope you will find this interesting and thanks for checking this out. This will be fun, I hope…..


3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Chelsea Harrison

    Love the post. I’ll try to keep up with your journey because I love fitness myself. So I’m hoping you’ll give me motivation to push harder in 2018. The pressure is on, buddy! Hahaha


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