Happy New Year!!

Happy 2018 everybody!! I hope you all had a great 2017 and ready to have an even better 2018. I am assuming that if you are now reading this, you had a safe New Year’s Eve celebration last night. Anna and I went over to our good friend’s Chris and Leigh Harville’s home, had 1 or 2 adult beverages, some great food and brought in the new year in a relaxing way. 2017 was a great year for us but we are expecting 2018 to be the best yet.

Now, as far as killing my inner “Jabba” goes, last night was not a great way to start. Pizza, wings, chicken salad sandwiches (Sam’s Club Chicken Salad is OFF THE CHAIN good)and adult beverages is not really on any “Health” Plan that I know of. Now, if you or anyone you know has knowledge of such a plan, please contact me IMMEDIATELY!! I did, however, get up this morning with a my mind in the right place, ready to tackle this inner tube that has lodged itself around my waist. We took some pictures over the holidays and in each one, I look like the creature that ate Ricky Olmi! I dug thru my dresser drawers and found weapon #1. “The Abs Diet” by David Zinczenko is a great book for anyone that wants to change their lifestyle. I will get into more of this book as this journey goes along. Weapon#2: P90X DVD set located and ready for launch. Weapon #3: Anna has started a support group on Facebook, Sweat&Sass. In this group we will be sharing our successes and failures in this journey. Now to give you a little background on my Anna, Anna is a former fitness competition champion. Guys, you know how that when you were younger and you said, “I am going to marry a fitness model!”? Well, I kinda did!! 20171118_192303.jpg. She has won numerous competitions, placed high in others, worked with some top notch trainers and really knows what she is talking about. She has started working her personal trainer again, not to get back into competitions but, to get herself healthier. She is also going on a cruise in February so, there is that!

I also got fit and studied nutrition but have let myself get back into bad habits but, we are going to fix that!

Today we will be having the traditional New Year’s Day foods, black eyed peas, greens and pork and there is nothing wrong with that. Tomorrow however, we start the journey to fitness. I will share my first day back in the training tomorrow, if I survive, and what is known as the “Abs Diet Power 12” to maybe help you get started! Happy New Year everyone!!!

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