Well, today is the day! January 2, 2018, the day that “Jabba” begins to fade away. I committed myself to start changing everything today because I knew that January 1, I would be sitting on my backside, eating black eyed peas, greens, pork, corn bread and last but not least, mac & cheese. You know, all those healthy items that we all are “supposed” to eat to start off your new year. I also knew that I would not be leaving the comforts of my couch and wife to go workout at the gym and since January 1 was going to be my last official day off from work, January 2nd was set in stone.

The alarm goes off at 5:45 AM during the week and like most of you, I despise that sound. I mean really, how dare this box wake me up from my slumber. Expecting me to leave the warmth of my bed and the snuggles of my beautiful wife! If it weren’t for the fact my cell was my alarm, I would bash it against the wall!! However, after a 5 minute fuss fest in my mind, I get up and head the bathroom to start my day. I begin my day as most of you do I am sure, bathroom, start the shower then brush your teeth while the water is getting hot. After doing the “Morning Routine” I head to get in the shower then it hits me. I need to weigh myself to establish the starting point of this journey to a healthier, slimmer me. I stare at the scale, my old nemesis. We have been at this battle for years. It sits there in the bathroom, mocking me. It knows that I have been bad for far to long. It chuckles because it knows, this battle it will win. One of us will leave the encounter in shame, and it knows, on this day, it will not be the one. I muster up my courage, determined not to let the scale get the best of me. I know I am overweight, it will not tell me anything I don’t already know. So I step on the scale and weight. Maybe I wasn’t fully awake at this time but, as God as my witness, I looked at the scale and it was flashing. “WTH!!! GET OFF OF ME!!!” I step back in awe, that can’t be right!! I have to be imagining this. So, I get myself right back on it, look down and it is waving the white flag in surrender!!! I look down again and it simply states, “Aww Hell no!!” Now, I am really getting ticked!! It is cold and this scale is being a jackass!! So I tell the scale, “Look, just give me the dang number and we can get this over with!” Scale flashes, “WHATEVER”!! then agrees to give me the weight without any other snide comments! Step on the scare and there is it, “253.6” lbs. The starting point has been established!

To start my day right, my wife and I have a great healthy breakfast. One egg, multigrain muffin and cheese. Plus a protein shake to jump start the fat burning process. We prepare a healthy lunch and I have my workout clothes in the truck to head to the gym after work. We all know that there will be 75,253 people in that gym today! I will share with you that adventure tomorrow.

I promised I would share with you the 12 power foods from the Abs Diet today and I am a man of my word. According to the book, if you incorporate at least two of these foods in every meal, your body will begin to burn the fat. We will get more into this later but for now, here is the list of foods!

20180101_220225_001 (2)

Make today great!!!

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