I made it thru the first day of “Project Kill Jabba” relatively unscathed. Jabba, however, will not go down without a fight. Anna and I both ate clean all day, no refined sugars, cut back on carbs and both hit the gym. Now Anna has been going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week for the past several months and she is on it. The hard work she has put in is showing and I am very proud of her. However, I wanted stated for the record, I think Anna is beautiful just the way she is! I am supporting her decision to exercise, workout and get healthier but, Anna is just gorgeous as she is. Don’t you agree??

Yesterday was my first day back into the gym since, probably September 2017. I have come up with every excuse in the books not to go too. “I have no time”, “Too many people at the gym” etc…. Truth of the matter was, I just did not want to go. It was easier just to go home right after work, plop myself on the couch, turn on the idiot box and chill. Working out, getting in shape, staying healthy, whatever you want to call it, was just too much damn trouble. So I went from a man in his early 50’s in decent shape to this a short period of time:

so,  I made it to the gym yesterday, fully anticipating it to be slam packed of people like me, “The Resolution People”. You know the ones, gonna get into shape this year, hit the gym on January 1 hard, then slowly, but surely, fade away so by the time February rolls around, they have forgotten they have a gym membership. A good joke I heard the other day stated, “I am going to open a place called Resolutions. First 2 weeks of the year it will be a gym then the next 50 weeks it will be a bar.”

To my surprise, the gym was not overly packed so, I went into the locker room, changed into my workout attire and ventured my way over to a treadmill for a warm up. I set a time for 15 minutes to warm up, at my age it takes a little longer for this process. Not an overly aggressive pace of 3 MPH and off I went. About 5 minutes in, I felt this pain in my back. Not unbearable but nagging. I think it was my body going, “WTH! “This isn’t the couch!”, but I kept going. About 8 minutes, that nagging pain became and annoying pain as my body was rejecting this idea of getting into shape. It began negotiating with me, “Hey dude, remember the times we plopped on the couch and did nothing? Good times huh?” I ignored it and kept on going. As I go to the 15 minute mark, I had a good sweat going and my body was happy, “Whew! That is over! Couch and chip time!!” I said “No, no my friend, we are hitting the weight!” My body went into shock! I won’t get into detail about the work out, other than I hit the chest and back area fairly hard. After that, another 20 mins of cardio and the first work out of 2018 was completed.  My body hasn’t spoken to me since that time but hey, I feel great and it will get with the program right?!!

All in all, the day was a success and I feel better for following thru on this commitment to Anna and myself. In the past, what I have found is, once I start working out and become consistent with it, my body starts to crave the workout, much like you crave sweets, cheeseburgers, pizza, etc…. Once you hit that portion of the change, working out becomes much easier and much, much more enjoyable. My son Ethan is in that stage of his life. He is 18 and LOVES going to the gym.  He is in such good shape that he on the side of his high school football team’s trailer. You can tell by the pics below his love for the gym.


Being healthy is a lifestyle change. Choosing to eat right and exercise is that first step in that change. The key is consistency. Eat right every day, if you slip, that is ok, just get back on the program and move forward. Do some type of exercise 3-5 times a week, that can be a 30 minute walk, an exercise class or going to the gym but try to incorporate some type of physical activity to your day. You will thank yourself later for it, I promise. We only have one go round in this thing we call life. Be the best you, you can be while your here. Get healthy because you want to do it, you want to be around for your family and you just want to feel better. Just get off the couch and go for it!

Tomorrow, I will be talking more about eating clean and believe it or not, it is not as hard as you might think! Take care everyone!!

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