You can’t see me……

I have a confession to make. I am a wrestling fan, have been for a very long time. That’s right, I am coming out of the closet folks, I like wrestling !! I remember cheering Hulk Hogan as his “Real American” song came blasting over the airways. Then I became a fan of the “Attitude Era”. Who can forget that sound of shattering glass and out came the Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin. He was the guy you could relate to. He didn’t care if you liked him or not, he was always one upping his boss and had that swagger of the baddest man alive. But, I think my favorite has to be John Cena. The Franchise, Super Cena, the leader of Cenation! This guy is just too good to be true. Super with kids, has granted well over 400 Make-a-Wish wishes. Built like a greek god, strong as a bull and has that million dollar smile. I know what you’re thinking…..”Sounds like your describing yourself there Ricky” (HA!). Seriously though, John and I have one thing in common, we both weigh in north of 250 lbs. Now John is 6’2″ and I am right at 6’0″ if my hair is just right. But we weigh the exact same. Now if you put John and I side by side, you will notice right away that there is a huge difference in his 250+ and mine.

John is a gym rat, eats right, wrestles in front of thousands of people every night and is in phenomenal shape. Go Google a picture of John Cena and tell me, is he fat? NO!! Now I on the other hand look like a fat man at 250+. My waist is pudgy and jiggly. My muscles are there, somewhere and I have a chin and a half, working on the other half. So how can John and I weigh the same but not look the same?? Here is something you may not know, muscle weighs more than fat. John looks healthier at his 250 compared to mine because of muscle.

At my best shape a few years back, I was around 215 lbs but, no one would have guessed it. I was told I looked like I weighed 180-185. My friend that I work with, weighed around 185 but, most thought he weighed more than me. I worked out in the gym, weight training 3-4 times a week so my muscle was built up and I can say this with all confidence, I looked good. I told you before I had lost a lot of weight (85 lbs) and a lot of that came off my belly. Now what I have learned through my studies of nutrition is fat cells are the only cells in the human body that do not die. What happens when you lose weight is as the fat cells lose the fat in them, they are replaced by water. Once that fat cell realizes that the fat isn’t coming back anytime soon, it burst and the water disperses. Imagine a balloon once it loose air and what that looks like.  That fat cell just goes dormant, laying flat in the same place, just waiting, for us to slip up. Have you ever lost a lot of weight, gained it back and then some! When the fat cell starts filling up again with fat, guess what? It splits in two so now you have two fat cells where one used to be. That is why it is so hard to re-lose weight once you’ve gained it back. Sucks huh??

Muscle not only weighs more that fat, it works harder. Your muscle works very hard, burning calories and increasing your metabolism. That is why it is so important to feed your muscles the protein it needs. Muscle will find fuel regardless of what you do. If you don’t eat right, clean and healthy, your muscle will become a cannibal and eat it self. That is why I say, you have to eat to lose weight. Eat the right amounts of proteins, carbs and fats and you body will become a fat burning machine! If not, your body will put the muscle in a pot, start a fire and season itself for a feast!!

So now you see me!! My fat self is working its way back into shape. it is a long process but I intend to get there and not let myself down again. I may never be “Super Cena” but I will take a “Healthy Olmi” every day of the week!!



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