How Snoopy changed my life

When I started this blog, I intended for it to be about my journey to getting healthier and losing the spare tire that has attached itself around my waist. You know, killing my “Jabba” or as I call him, “The Creature that ate Ricky Olmi”. But I think maybe if that is all I wrote about. people might get bored with it. Even though I am writing this as a tool to hold me accountable and maybe help/motivate others in the process, if it becomes monotonous, no one will get anything out of it. I would probably get bored too and then it was all for nothing. So, I decided to add some personal happenings to this in the hope to A: Change it up a bit and B: Let you have a glimpse into my life. A lot of you reading this have known me for years, some for decades (I am getting old!) But some, only know me as a fellow employee, a friend of a friend or just an acquaintance that added me or I added you to Facebook. So maybe thru this, all of you can know me a little better, find some common ground. Today, I want to share with you how my ice-cold heart was melted, the wall around it crashed down and how one smile, almost 8 years ago, and Snoopy set me on the path to happiness.

I got divorced from my son Ethan’s mom in 2009. Not to get into any details about it but, I will share with you I was crushed. 2009 was a really rough year for me. Not only did I go thru a divorce. I had knee surgery and lost my 90K job due to the crashing economy. So here I am, divorced, custody of my then 10-year-old son, all the bills I had established and a severe decline in income to boot. I could not find a job making nowhere near what I had been. I looked for a month before I got back in to car business. I was bitter, hated the world and was just a miserable person.  My manhood had taken a hit because my wife left me and once where there was a kind heart, now was a black hole. I wasn’t letting anyone in, even though I tried to fool myself in to thinking I was. I dated some, even tried to get serious but, my lack of trust in anyone usually caused me to either back away or push them away. Basically I was a mess.  The only thing I seemed to be good at was taking care of my son but, if you were to ask him he may disagree. Sometimes, I could not make ends meet but thanks to my parents, some months I had help. Yeah 2009 till about 2011 really sucked.

In 2010, I went to a 4th of July party at my good friend’s Chris and Leigh Harville. These two are about as good as it gets when it comes to the human race. Chris gave me a job in 2010 when he really did not have too, helped me keep a little dignity and one of the best friends I have ever had. Leigh is one of the sweetest, most beautiful people on the planet. I always told Chris, “One day, I am going to find “My Leigh” and I would not settle for less. She always would ask about Ethan and if he came over to play with Jake or Allie, she treated him like her baby. She made sure if they had a get together, I was invited and a no from me was not an option. I remember this particular party, I was not coming and my phone lit up and it was Leigh. All I heard was, “GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE NOW”! So, being the tough, stubborn man I was I firmly gritted my teeth and responded with a force unknown to mankind until that very moment, “Yes Ma’am”.  Leigh can be scary sometimes y’all!

After I got to this 4th of July party, I figured out why Leigh was so determined to get me there. She has put on her “Matchmaker” Hat and wanted to introduce me to one of her friends. As you can imagine, I was just “THRILLED” with this idea but, I smiled and she introduced us. She was a nice enough person but, I was not interested in the least. Leigh meant well and I loved her for it but, I just wasn’t ready for that….or was I? As I walked around a bit, I saw out of the corner of my eye what could have only be described as an angel on earth. Gorgeous, pretty smile, beautiful eyes and for the first time since 2009, I actually felt a heartbeat and the damn thing was skipping beats! She had an aura around her as if God himself has shined a light on her and guess who she was talking to, LEIGH!! I had to meet this woman!! I worked my way over to them and Leigh saw me and introduced us, “Ricky, this is my best friend in the world, Anna.” I could only smile while my tongue untied itself and I finally mustered up the words, “Hi, nice to meet you” She just smiled and said, “you too, Leigh I got to go, just wanted to stop by for a minute.” and just like that, she was gone. I looked at Leigh with hope in my eyes and she smiled at me and said, “She’s Married” I think my jaw hit the floor with such force that it caused a small earthquake! For the first time in my life, I was experiencing love at first sight and she was married. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!! Later that year, Anna actually did get divorced too but, I knew she wasn’t near ready to date so, I just left it alone. “What could have been” I decided. Just wasn’t meant to be. But what I have come to realize is, God always has a plan.

Fast Forward to 2015, I had dated some, been in a couple of relationships and was content on being a bachelor for the rest of my life. Ethan was a sophomore in high school and I was 3 years into my position as Parts Manager at the dealership. I was healthy, in shape and happy with me. Then one day as I was sitting in Chris’s office and he casually mentioned, “Hey, you know Anna is single again?” I said “Cool but, she wouldn’t give me the time of day couple of years ago when she started dating again so don’t think she would be interested.” Well, Sunday, April 12, 2015, I mustered up the courage to  send Anna a message on Facebook. I sent her a picture of Snoopy lifting weights (because we both liked lifting and such). That opened up to a conversation, which led up to me asking her on a date. I would find out later that the entire time I am carrying on this conversation with her on Facebook, she is texting Leigh getting the scoop on me. Leigh will tell you it went something like this, “Ricky Olmi, MY RICKY?!?! Hell yes he is a good guy and you need to say YES!!” I think she over exaggerated that a bit but you get the gist. We had our first date on April 17, 2015 at Corky’s. We were going to meet there, eat then go see a movie. I pulled up in the parking lot, saw her sitting in her car, she smiles, I fall in love all over again just as I did in 2010 and all I could think was “UH OH! If she can kiss I am doomed.” Needless to say she could kiss. I told her I loved her a week later and almost 6 months from that day, we were married. Ethan was the best man, Leigh was her Maid of Honor, her sister BG was by her side and Chris became an ordained minister so he could married us. We were even married in our own backyard, how cool is that!! Perfect day!!


So now I am married to the woman of my dream, happier than I have ever been in my entire life. I have a beautiful home with her and each day is better than the next. I spoil her every single day and do it with a smile on my face. My life is as perfect as I could have every dreamed and it is all because of a smile and Snoopy.

4 thoughts on “How Snoopy changed my life

  1. Misti Mauceli Lewis

    First.Congrats on your beautiful love story and Second I am so impressed with your writing skills! It takes alot for me to read anything lengthy on FB, but you kept it interesting enough for a good read! I think you have a talent here! Maybe another John Grisham….Ha!


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