Goals, rewards and praise.

Well, I made it through the weekend without falling off the path of my journey to a healthier and leaner me. I am not sure about you but, weekends are the hardest for me when I am doing a lifestyle change. I am not as regimented on the weekends as I am during the week. During the week, I get up at a certain time everyday, eat my breakfast at a certain time and the rest of the day follows suit. On the weekends, it is a fiasco! Everything is off schedule, from wake up times to exercise. Food is really the hardest because we usually eat out more and that can make eating healthy a chore. Who among us has the will power to resist chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant?? Go ahead, I’m waiting…….

If you are truly committed to a healthy lifestyle, you will have to adjust your habits on those occasions when you do eat out. I think one of the ways that may help you with that is allowing yourself a “Cheat Meal” once a week. You have worked hard all week exercising, eating right, drinking enough water etc… that you deserve to reward yourself. Allow yourself to go out and have those chips and salsa, eat those hot wings, enjoy that slice of pizza. Believe it or not, it is good to reward yourself for doing well. your body actually needs this. If you have been eating right and exercising, your metabolism has started to kick into gear. When you put something in your body that it is not used to, it goes into hyper-drive to get it out. That is when you know your body is working with you and not against you anymore. It knows you are trying to accomplish this goal and now it is on your side to help reach it. When we continue to eat badly our body gets used to that and says, “Ah what the hell, give me more pizza!!” But, when you change your lifestyle and your eating habits, when you put something in the body isn’t used to it says, “AW HELL NAW, YOU GOTS TO GO!!” And we all know what happens when the body decides it need to get rid of something and God help anyone that is between you and the bathroom!!  So rewarding yourself for a job well done during the week is a good thing believe it or not, just don’t over do it. Remember, it is a cheat meal, not a cheat day! One meal a week is your reward for doing right all week so, live it up that one meal.

Now I have to brag on my Anna. She has been working so hard this week, going to the gym 5 days, eating the right foods all week and inspiring others along the way. She has set up a Facebook page, “Sweat and Sass” to promote her healthy ways, provide tips and show that you can lift weights and still have a glamorous side. Check out my hot wife doing some cardio while rocking her glam face!


Her makeup is amazing. Water proof, sweat proof, won’t smear nor kiss off. Check out her website, http://www.SassySmilesbyAnna.com and see what all she has to offer.

Anna also prepped our food for the week last night. She was cutting up veggies, making our lunches and getting easy dinners ready.  I grilled up some meat so we would not have to cook after we get home from the gym this week. She is on it and really wants to be ready for her cruise at the end of February. I would not be surprised if she looks a little something like this by that time:


Told y’all I married a fitness model!

Anna is a great example of someone who sets goals, works hard to achieve them and reaps the rewards after she accomplishes her them. Now the only thing that separates Anna for you or me is one simple thing, Determination!  I am so proud of all she has accomplished now and what she will accomplish in the future. She is a success in everything she does because her main goal is not just to help herself, it is to help others. She is much more beautiful on the inside that she is on that outside and that is saying something!



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