The Results Are In!

It has been one week since I officially started this journey on the path to a healthier me. I weighed in last week to establish my starting point and that weight was 253.6 lbs. In a weeks time I have changed my eating habits, changed my mindset to being healthy and went to the gym 4 days. I increased my water intake during the day, cut back the amount of coffee I drink in a day and only had 2 adult beverages. Today was weigh in day for both Anna and myself and I am pleased to say that our hard work and dedication has paid off. My weight today is 250.8, almost 3 lbs loss in one week. Anna also lost 3 lbs but for the sake of my well-being, I am not about to ask her what her start weight was nor would I publish that here. I may not be the sharpest tool in the she but I am for dang sure not the dullest!!

3 lbs in one week is a great start for us both. In my reading I have found that ideally, to lose weight and to keep it off, your should expect to lose 1-2 lbs a week. Now they may not sound like a lot but you did not put the weight on over night so, you should not expect to lose it over night either. Look at it this way, if you lose 1 lbs a week for 52 weeks, you have lost 52 lbs in one year. If you were to hit that 2 lbs a week, 104 lbs lost, BOOM!! Remember, it takes a 3500 calorie difference to lose 1 lbs. The average male should take in 2500 calories day to promote a healthy lifestyle, women are around 2000. If you cut out 500 per day, that is 3500 difference a week. You can also help burn more calories by exercising. Cardio and light weight training will help you burn more calories as well but remember, you have to provide fuel for you body for it to work a peak efficiency. So burning more calories is good, just get the right fuel into your body so it works at its best. Eat more protein, more complex carbs , more good fats and cut out junk food. The saying “You are what you eat” is true.  No amount of working out can make up for a poor diet.

Anna made the comment this morning, “I lost 3 lbs this week but, I am still up from where I was before the holidays.” I told her, “Stop comparing to where you were before January 2”. The phrase “I did (fill in the blank) but…” is a killer phrase. You are giving yourself a backhanded compliment every time you do this. You lost what you lost PERIOD! Be proud of that accomplishment, Don’t find way to downplay what you have done. Anna has a goal to be “Ship Ready” by her cruise in February. That date was 8 weeks away when we started this. If Anna averages 2 lbs a week, which I truly believe she will, she will be down 16 lbs by cruise time! Would you consider being 16 lbs lighter in 8 weeks a win??  You can’t compare where you are now to anything but the starting point you established when you started the journey. I was 185 lbs in May of 2009 and that has no bearing on what I am trying to accomplish today. If my goal is to get back to 185, then that is where I am going, not where I have been. Don’t cut yourself short when you do well. Celebrate each and every accomplishment. You worked hard and you did well. be proud of that fact! Set yourself little goals along the path and when you hit that goal, BE PROUD! A healthy lifestyle and weight loss is a slow journey, don’t try to rush it and don’t get discouraged by bumps along the way. As the turtle said in his famous race with the rabbit, “Slow and steady wins the race.”


I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I love my wife just the way she is. She is the most beautiful, kind-hearted, wonderful woman I know. I support her in her decision to become healthier as she supports me.  I don’t want her to change for me, but I will support and encourage her to change for herself. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am completely in love with my wife just as she is. There is not a day that goes by that she doesn’t take my breath away when I see her. I know I am the luckiest man alive and I thank God for her daily.

The only way your journey to a healthier lifestyle will work is if you are doing it for yourself. We all need motivation, encouragement and support on this journey but the bottom line is, it YOUR journey. Proceed at your own pace and remember to celebrate the little victories along the way. You deserve it!!!


5 thoughts on “The Results Are In!

  1. Wanda Hendrix

    I’ve never lost weight because of the way I look but because of how I feel. I feel better when I eat healthier, exercise and weigh less. Like you with Anna, my husband adores me no matter my weight! He’s no help at all! Lol. When I’m smaller he says, “Mama lookin good!” When I’m heavier he says, “More of you to love!!” LOL. I’m so blessed to be so loved.

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  2. freshnewblog

    I find that leaving a bottle of water for myself on the dining room table helps eliminate my need to grab other things to drink when I am thirsty.


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