The Scale Trap

I knew better !! I knew it was a trap, I told myself as much this morning but, I still fell for it! When you are on this journey of a healthier lifestyle, along the way you are going to hit some bumps, come across some steep hills and many, many booby traps that try to discourage you. This obstacles are put in place to test your fortitude and your level of determination. Some face these challenges head on, busting thru each and every one of them because they have that goal in sight and nothing is going to stand in their way to achieve it. Others, see the challenges as road blocks, they are too hard to over come and it is just not worth it. One of these obstacles or challenges come in the form of that God awful contraption called the scale.

I mentioned before that one of the books that I used to research weight loss/healthier lifestyle is “The Abs Diet” by David Zinczenco. I found a lot of useful information in this book from how the body works to what foods help promote weight loss. One thing that stood out for me was to not weigh everyday but rather, weigh once a week. The body fluctuates so much that weighing more than once a week could be discouraging. The scale is not the end all, tell all of your progress. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat. So as you begin to replace the fat with muscle, you are actually adding weight but, it is a good weight. Fat, especially around the belly area, is dangerous for you health. For me, when the weight starts coming back on me, it hits the belly area first. That is the hardest to lose and sometimes it is the last thing that shows a difference. So replace fat with muscle is ALWAYS a good thing. Also, you can start to lose inches in areas but not necessarily lose weight. Take my wife Anna for instance. She started training a few months back but, was not really all in on the diet just yet. She was doing good but , fell off the wagon on the weekends, mostly because of her bad influence of a husband. However, it was obvious she was doing something right because people started taking notice of how her appearance was changing . “Anna, how much weight have you lost??” She would hear or, “Dang Anna, that working out is doing it for you girl”. She would whisper to me. “I haven’t lost anything!” Her body had started losing inches and it was showing. I noticed her jeans were a little baggy in areas and she had also started wearing some jeans she had not worn in a while. So even though, she wasn’t losing weight according to that evil scale, she was losing inches and that is a great accomplishment. I was then and am today very proud of her. She has been on it hard since January 2 and she is definitely losing inches and pounds now.

So back to my failure to avoid the “Trap”. I had a good day yesterday. I ate just like a I should have, did not stray from my diet in the least. Then hit the gym last night for cardio day and burned closed to 500 calories. I was just full of myself, let me tell you. I came home, ate a good healthy meal and felt like I had conquered the world. Alarm goes off this morning and I head to the shower. Right next to our shower is the scale and that little devil started calling out to me. “Hey Big Boy! You need to see how much you lost yesterday don’t ya?” I ignored it, I only weigh once a week. The scale did not give up. “Hey, you know you probably lost at least 2 lbs yesterday, hop on and let’s verify!” “Back away devil! You can’t tempt me!” The scale whispered, “Come on, no one will know, our secret, you can trust me.” I looked down at the scale, shook my head and said, “You’re right, what can it hurt.” I walked over to the scale, stepped on it and as soon as I did, I heard the most evil of laughs I have ever heard. “SUCKER!! BAHAHAHAHA!!” 250.4 lbs. down a whole .4 from Tuesday’s weigh in. I could not believe it! WTH!! That is all?!?!?!?  To hell with this, I am eating pizza for breakfast!! I took a shower, shaved and began to get dressed, the entire time I am deciding if I want a pepperoni pizza or a supreme. Then it happened. I put on my jeans, the one that just last week were kinda snug around the waist and they weren’t so difficult to button. In fact, they were a little loose, so loose that I had to actually break out a belt today. VICTORY!!! I may have not lost a lot of weight but, the inches were starting to come off! I looked back at the scale on my way out of the bathroom and said, “You got me today you jackwagon, but never again!”

Today reminded me that this a slow process and I have to be patient. The weight and the inches will come off, at the right pace. Anna and I are not wanting to be Johnny and Jane Atlas, not by no means. We both would just like to be at or around the weight we were when we first started dating in 2015. For me, that was 38 lbs ago, for her, I thin the number is between 15-20 lbs. Make no mistake, we will get there. It may take till the end of the year but, we will get there. I am proud of where we are in this journey right now and what makes it even more special is, we are in this and doing it together.

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