Anna, Walmart, umbrella and snow….

12 days into 2018 and in the Mid-South we are having our first winter storm of the year. Although yesterday, the temps got up into the mid 60’s, today we have winter! Welcome to the Mid-South! If you don’t like the weather, just hang on. It will change here in a minute! Sleet mixed in with some freezing rain and a snow shower to boot. Yup, what we have here is the Southern version of “D-Day”. People begin to panic, they rush to their favorite grocery store where sweet, little old ladies will beat you with their purses and fight you over a loaf of bread in the middle of the store. Old men in their souped up scooters will run you over for a gallon of milk. It is survival of the fittest and only the strong survive.

Last night Anna realized that if the power were to go out we would also be without water. We live out in the country and have our own well that is driven by an electric pump. She realized this only after me saying to her only 10 minutes earlier, “You know if the power goes out we are done, no heat, no water, DONE!” (Her listening skills are what legends are made of). So, at 10:35 last night, off to Wally World we go. This is around a 15 minute drive from my house and Anna can come up with just about every scenario in the book in that 15 minutes. “What happens if the power goes out?” “How long do you think it will be off?” “Can we use the bathroom if the power is out?” “You think a hotel will let us bring the dogs?”….. there were about 100 more but I think you get my point.

As we get to Walmart, the temp is already beginning to drop, wind is picking up and it is drizzling rain. We have one umbrella in the truck so, being the true southern gentleman I am, (my mama raised me right y’all) I told Anna to take the umbrella and I put my hoodie over my head and headed to the door. Now I walk at a fairly fast pace so I usually have to turn around several times to make sure I have not run off and left her. I turned around, no Anna. I looked to my right, no Anna. I looked to my left and here comes Anna. In true Anna fashion, she is running toward the door, with the umbrella in front of her, turned inside out. Apparently the wind took the umbrella and reversed it so if she were to have held it normally, the umbrella would have filled with water. If only I had taken a picture…..

We get inside and all that is on my mind is to get a case of water and get out. Now, Anna had different ideas. Her first move was to find the gum. Yeah, you read that right, GUM! We may freeze to death but hey, our breath will be winter fresh! After a case of water is in the cart, we too have to get bread. Before we got to the bread, we came across the hot chocolate/marsh mellow bin. We did get a picture of that along with the bread isle. Picked just about clean……


After we got all we needed, and then some and a minus $54 to our checking account, we headed back home. All in all  we got, 1 case of water, 2 loaves of bread, some turkey for sandwiches, peanut butter, 4 bags of pork rinds, 48 pods of coffee, 2 cans of Pringles, a package of gummie bears (For the boy) and the all important, can’t leave home without it, winter storm survival necessity, GUM! After we get home, Meterologist Anna Olmi is on the case. Her and her crackpot team at Channel 13 have determined that the bad stuff won’t be coming till around 4 in the morning. I should just go ahead and plan not to go to work tomorrow. After all, last year when this happened, you drove all the way to work only to find y’all were closed. I told her is doesn’t work that way, she just looked at me like I had 3 heads.

This morning I get up and Anna gets right back to forecasting with the help of Channel 5 this time. She has determined the roads were too bad for me to drive and I just need to call the dealership and tell them so. I explain to her that if the roads were that bad, they would call and let me know. She said, “They didn’t last year!” Point well taken dear, but I am still off to work.  Roads weren’t bad, I got to work and we stayed till 11 then shut it down. Hour later I am back home, on the couch, in my pjs, watching Netflix and chewing gum! Gosh I love my wife!!


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