The “Just Don’t Want To’s”

As I stated in the last blog, we don’t handle winter weather very well here in the south. When it comes to snow and ice, we just aren’t equipped to handle it. When the roads become icy, they stay that way until it melts away. We don’t have snow plows out on our roads and highways clearing the way. None on us have chains for our tires to help keep from slipping and sliding on these icy paths. What we do have is the country boy’s Cadillac, the 4X4. The guys that have these think that nothing can stop them but, unless they are experienced in driving on ice, most find their ways into the nearest ditch, waiting for the 4X4 buddies to come pull them out. Most of us just stay at home, let the roads clear then venture out cautiously! I have no desire to end up in a ditch or in an accident nor do I want my wife and son to endure the same fate. My 18-year-old, knows everything son felt like I was being over protective but, that is par for the course. So the three of us bunkered down in our warm house, watched TV and vegged out for almost 3 days!

When you are beginning your healthy lifestyle change, the first few weeks are most important. You get yourself into the routine of eating right and exercising. I don’t know about you but, if ever let myself miss a workout or venture off the food plan, I will usually stay off the course and eventually have to start all over. That is very depressing for me and I usually just say “To hell with it” and go back to my unhealthy ways. When you are stuck at home, sitting on the couch and being a bum, it is real easy not to eat right. You start eating out of boredom and you usually don’t reach for a salad. You grab chips, popcorn, candy and anything else to snack on while binge watching your favorite show. Usually while all this is happening, the furthest thing from you mind is getting your butt up and exercising. It is just too warm and comfy, on the couch, snuggling with your spouse and cat napping all afternoon. We did have every opportunity to eat very bad this past weekend but I am proud to say we did not. We enjoyed good snacks, nuts, cheese, protein bars and ate very well for our big meals. The exercising portion on of our program got over ruled by the “Just Don’t Want To’s”

We have all come down with a case of the “Just Don’t Want To’s”. This virus is not limited to just exercise and food plans. it can also strike in any other part of your life. Ever have a project that you know you have to do, the perfect opportunity presents itself to start and finish said project but, you could not find it in yourself to do it? That is the “Just Don’t Want To” virus attacking you. Time for taxes or paying bills but, find any and every reason in the book not to do them? “Just Don’t Want To” gotcha again. There is really no vaccination against it, you just either give in to it or, you have to fight off the urges to be lazy. I am sad to say the virus attacked and defeated both my wife and I these past 3 days. We could have done push ups, lunges or wall squats in the house. We could have grabbed some dumbbells and done some curls, shoulder presses or tricep exercises but no, we sat on the couch and did nothing! You have to fight thru the “Just Don’t Want To’s” anytime the virus strikes. The secret to success is and will always be, will power. You have to have such a focus on the goal/project at hand that you will not allow anything to stand in your way. Like in anything else in life, your WANT to be better or do right has to be greater than the “Just Don’t Want To” Be determined and steadfast in all your goals, no matter what they are. Believe in yourself! Be your own motivation! You will thank yourself in the end when what you have set out to accomplished has been met.

We did fall off the exercise wagon these past 3 days but both of us are getting back into the game today. We both packed up our workout clothes, made sure they were in our car and made our minds up that failure in not an option.  We both are determined to hit our goals on or before the deadlines we have set. We may be doing it for each other but most importantly, we are doing it for ourselves. We both want to feel better, have our clothes fit better and yes, look better (My wife is a beauty 24/7 so, not sure how she can look any better)! We looked at our “Just Don’t Want To” virus and said “Begone you vial creature!!” (We really didn’t say that but it makes for a good read, don’t ya think?)

Go out there and be great today! Remember, when faced with the “Just Don’t Want To” be stronger than it is and allow your “Want To” to beat it back down. You can do it, you and I both know you can!


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