Yesterday when I left work, I got in my truck and looked in the back seat and there it was, my gym bag. It was Monday, the beginning of the week and also the beginning of the week’s workout regiment. I sat in my truck and sighed, literally sighed, at the sight of that gym bag. The more I pondered it, the more excuses I came up with for not going. Anything from, “I did not feel good” or “I need to go make dinner” or “I can just skip today and start tomorrow”, excuses were flowing like the Mississippi River. I almost had talked myself into not going then put my hand on my belly. That trumped any excuse I had and off to the gym I went. The place was packed so, I couldn’t get to the weights but did get in 45 mins of cardio. I was sweaty and tired but, it was a good tired. I actually felt good on the drive home. All in all I am glad I went and so was my belly.

Excuses are a plan’s worst enemy. I read this on a meme today: “The Most Unprofitable Item Ever Manufactured Is An Excuse” That is as true a statement as you will ever read. We all have them, in ever aspect of life. Whether is pertains to weight loss, healthy living, your job or the dreaded “Honey Do” list, we all can manufacture any excuse to get out of doing something we dread. If we think long enough and hard enough, we will come up with an excuse to justify our reasons. The reality of it is, if we spent as much time doing the task at hand as we do coming up with excuses why we can’t do them, we would be finished with the job or task and on to the next thing.

I remember back when I was playing junior college baseball and it was one of those cold dreary days before the season started. It was too cold and wet to go outside so coach so instead of coach canceling practice, he decided that we would just run inside the basketball auditorium. I HATED to run then and I still do today. When anyone asks me if I run 5K’s I always respond with the same answer; “If you ever see me running, you better get to running too because something much bigger and badder than I am is chasing me!” I wanted to get out of this running somehow and began developing excuse after excuse to why I could not run. I actually was listing them down to see which one made the most sense. Then it hit me, there was a blood drive at the school that day and if I gave blood, there would be no way coach would make me run. I went to the blood mobile, gave my pint of blood and with excuse in hand, went to my coach. I walked into his office and said “Coach, I did not get the word we were running today and I gave blood at the blood drive. Here is my excuse.” Inside I was smiling, laughing even. I had pulled it off, or so I thought. Coach looked at my excuse, crumbled it up and said, “Get your butt in the gym, you’re running.” I looked at him like he had like he had lost his mind. “Coach, I can’t possibly run, they told me not to do anything strenuous.” “Don’t care” he proclaimed. So, my excuse backfired on me, I had to run and it was a much worse experience had I just accepted I had to run in the first place. I got sick as a dog and coach had no pity on me and I deserved none.

When you come with excuses not to workout, do a chore or a task at work, you are only hurting yourself in the long run. If you find excuses not to workout or exercise, you pay for by not achieving your goals, not getting healthy and simply letting yourself down. If you have chore at home, making excuses not to do it doesn’t make the chore go away. Most of the time, you will find by not just doing that simple chore, you actually end up causing more issues down the road. An example would be if you don’t mow your yard when it is time to, it is just going to get harder when you do. Of, if you don’t go change out that filter in your ac, you may cause a bigger problem later on. At work, if you don’t do your job at work, someone else might pick up the slack and the higher-ups may realize you’re not needed. Or you let your team down because you failed to do your part. But worst of all, you have let yourself down,

I have taught my son, just as my father taught me, that your actions and consequences, good or bad. If you fail to follow through on your workout plan, you are only cheating yourself and risking your own health. Staying fit makes us better, that is all there is to it. If you want to feel better both physically and mentally, you need to stick to your plan. You will always feel worse, in the long run, by coming up with excuses why not to go instead of just going. If you fail to work your plan in any aspect in life, you are failing yourself.

One of the great sayings in network marketing is as follows, “Don’t complain about the money you don’t have because of the work you didn’t do.” Anna’s SeneGence business is not an easy one, but she works it hard everyday. She is a very positive person by nature but even she can have her negative days and sometimes, that brings on excuses. She will always come to me, and should, when she is having those days. When she start making excuses, we talk about it and usually she will realize that it is just and obstacle that while tough, not impossible to over come. We hear all the time from team members, “Oh this market is saturated with people selling this.” That is really just an excuse for not working the business. I have seen Anna be in a major restaurant here is town, walk up to 5 people who have never heard of her product. She may not make a sale but, she made a contact. If the market was saturated, how had these people not heard about it? It all goes back to an earlier blog about positive thinking. Henry Ford once said,  “Whether you think you can or  you think you can’t, you are right.” Stop making excuses and go work your plan till you get the results you want. That goes for everything in life.

Get your butt in gear, stop making excuses and just go do what you have to do! Be positive, not negative. Work smarter, not harder. Go get yours, whether is you health or your money, don’t let excuses stop you from being the best you can be. My baseball coach said, “You can have excuses or you can have results, totally up to you!” He was right.

Thanks for stopping by today and go check out my wife’s business page at http://www.SassySmilesbyAnna.com and help a small business anytime you can.


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