You vs You???

I have said this before that I am my own worst enemy when it comes to just about any aspect in my life. It is very hard to change a mindset that you yourself  have instilled into your psyche. When you see yourself as a failure for most of your life, it is easy to fall back into those traps when faced with an uphill battle. I made a promise not only to you but, to myself, when it came to being accountable in this healthy, lifestyle change that I started the first of the year. With that being said, I have been struggling with the weight loss not happening as quickly as I had hoped for. The end of January is fast approaching and I am not seeing the change in myself that I had set as my goal. The truth is, I am upset about the results I am not getting from the work I have not put in.

When I started this, I had every intention of eating clean and going to the gym 4-5 times a week. I am doing fairly well on the eating part, I eat a proper breakfast and lunch with my snacks being healthy as well. I eat a health, clean dinner every night but, I will sneak in a snack before bed that has lately been, summer sausage and cheese. The cheese isn’t that bad but the summer sausage is a different story. It falls under the “Processed Food” label and although it is technically meat, there is really no telling what you are getting in these type of foods. Most are high in fat content and not the good fats either. I need to do better here so, I have gotten rid of that temptation! It all boils down to my lack of discipline late at night. It is fine to eat a healthy snack before bed, just make sure it falls into the right category. Just because it is a “Protein” doesn’t mean the other things in it aren’t harmful. I can and will do better.

The gym part is where I have failed miserably in my eyes. Instead of 4-5 times, I have typically been going 2-3 times a week. I do my cardio but have lacked the drive to really hit the weights like I should. In an earlier blog, I explained how just doing cardio is not enough. In an article I read on Google by Sasha Gusain, she says: “To burn the maximum amount of body fat in the least amount of time, it is ideal to have a good combination of diet, weight training and cardio.” She goes on to say that the problems with doing just cardio is, your body will soon adapt low intensity training and will start burning fewer calories over time. The body will adapt and if not challenged, will make it harder for you to see results. We need the intensity of weight training to get our muscles engaged in the weight loss process. Your muscles are your best friend when it comes to increasing your metabolism. Studies have shown that your body is still burning calories hours after a weight training session while it stops burning calories within 30 minutes or less after a cardio training. I have been lazy when it comes to the weights so far this year. I am not putting the intensity nor the time needed to get the results I am desiring. I have to do a better job of self motivating when I am in the gym and hit those weight harder to see the changes I am wanting. I am not wanting to bulk up and have an “Arnold” body but I would like to be lean and mean. To avoid bulking up, you use lighter weight with more reps. Instead of doing 6-8 reps at 80 lbs, I would do 10-12 at 50 lbs. More reps/less weights lead to a lean healthy body. Again, I can’t be upset about the results I don’t have from the work I won’t do.

And for you ladies who are afraid of weight, don’t want to be all muscular and such, take a page out of Anna’s book. She weight trains 3-4 times a week now but back in her days of being a fitness competitor, she was on it 7 days a week. This is a picture of her right before a competition and few years back. Now I ask you, is she bulked up here??


Her body here is toned, lean and very, VERY feminine. Anna is proof that you can hit the weights and still look like a lady. Don’t be afraid of the other side of the gym. It can be your friend too.

All in all, If I take an honest assessment of where I am after almost a month of this change, I am not as bad as I was but, not near where I should be. I am hoping for an 8 pound loss on the scales when I weigh myself on Feb. 1st. That would put me on track where I need to be weight wise by my target date. In February though, I am going to take measurement on my body and see how much I have changed after another month of getting healthier. Weight loss should not be my only concern. I should have done this measurement at the beginning but, better late than never.

With this healthy change I am incorporating it is always the same battle, Me vs Me. I have to defeat myself to get the changes I desire. I think it is like that for most of us in just about every part of our lives. It is You vs You and you are the only one you should be striving to be better that each day. If you cheat, you aren’t letting anyone down but yourself. If you fail, get right back up and try again. Hold yourself accountable, fight hard against that part of you that resists this change and in the end, you will be victorious. I will leave you with the this meme I saw on a Facebook post the other day. I hope this helps and I hope you are working on yourself each and every day. You owe yourself to be the best you, you can be. Just keep moving forward.




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