It is a dog’s world….

Although this blog is going to be mostly about our healthy lifestyle change, sometimes I will have other thoughts(I know, SHOCKING!) that cross my mind and today is one of those days. I am and have always been a dog person. They have always brought joy to my life. A dog in the only thing alive that loves you more than itself. Just for that alone, how could you not love dogs?? I have had many dogs in my life, from pure breeds to the “Heinz 57” mutts. Each had their own personality and mannerisms but, all were great dogs in their own way. Some were more hard-headed than others and some were dumb as a box of rocks but, all were loved dearly. Dog, well pets in general, become part of the family and they are cherished like any family member would be. One of the best dogs I have ever had is one I adopted a few years back, a standard poodle named Benji.

In 2011, I had a friend who needed a place to keep their dog for a little while, until they got settled. I already had 2 dogs and a couple of cats at the time so, what was one more to the zoo. I had never seen a standard poodle before in real life and when he walked through my door for the first time, I thought he was a miniature horse! My other two dogs where Australian Shepherds and they did not know what to think of this behemoth that was invading their territory. After the introductory sniffing took place between the dogs, all was well in their estimations and Benji was welcomed into our home, by the dogs. The cats however, were out! They looked at Benji as if to say, “AWWW HELL NO! WTH IS THAT!” They bolted, hid from him and were in no way happy about this! I thought to me self, “They will be ok, after all, it was just temporary arrangement so, we could make the best of it.” You should never make assumptions though because God has a sense of humor. Benji has been a part of our family ever since.

Unfortunately, shortly after Benji moved in, my female shepherd passed away as did the male cat. So our little zoo was cut down by 2.It didn’t take long for Benji to win over Sam and they became the best of friends until Sam passed away in December of 2014, he was 12 years old.



Sam was Ethan’s dog so by default, Benji took to me. We became big buddies and a hug from Benji could make even the worse day be better. Benji was very low maintenance, just make sure he had food, water, time for his business outside, plenty of petting and he was good. One thing about a standard poodle is they don’t shed, unless you let their coat get out of hand. In 2011-2015 I was not making a lot of money and was doing good to make sure the dogs got feed, grooming was not in the program at the time. I would occasionally cut Benji myself but, for the most part he fit the part of a woolly mammoth:

20150625_075358 (1)

In 2015,  when I started dating Anna, I had no idea if she was a dog person or not, thankfully she is!  I still laugh to this day at the first she laid eyes on Benji. I was so worried of what she would think of my house (2 guys, by themselves for 6 years, just imagine) that Benji’s appearance did not even cross my mind. She walks in the house and he comes hopping up to her and she said, “OMG what is that!” It did not take long for Benji to win her over though. She wasn’t going to have her new friend looking like a little bear so, she took him straight to a groomer. They became best buddies and as you can see, she has him spoiled rotten:


Now Benji is HER dog! She stole my damn dog right out from under me!! He is now most definitely a “Mama’s Boy” He acknowledges me when I come home, as long as MOM isn’t there. If Mom is home, only she can walk him outside, rain or shine. (I admit, I get a kick out of that) and where mom goes, Benji is sure to follow. He will even fuss at her is she doesn’t pay him attention by pawing at her or softly growling at her when she is busy doing something else. If she still doesn’t pay attention then he will come over to me as if to say, “Dad, Mom won’t do right!”  They are two peas in a pod. The love they have for each other warms this old man’s heart. She is the perfect mom for Benji and he is her “Benji Boy”!


So, it is most certainly a dog’s world at our house. We not only have Benji but, adopted a shelter dog named Beau for Ethan two years ago and recently have had family of labs (mom and two pups) adopt us. They are well taken care of as “Mom” makes sure they have a warm place to sleep and plenty of food to eat. My wife really is something special. But, make no bones about it, the one true Alpha Dog is our boy Benji. Not a mean bone in his body and by far the best dog anyone could ask for. This “temporary arrangement” has been wonderful addition to our family and he roots for the Bulldogs too. Told you he is simply the best!



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