What are you afraid of?  I am sure everyone is afraid of something, whether they admit to it or not. I know of some people who are so deathly afraid of a spider that they scream uncontrollably until the not only the spider is dead but, every member of his family has been destroyed. There are others feel the same way about mice or other animals/insects. I know a few who are afraid of flying, heights, etc… the list goes on. One thing I have noticed that some people are afraid of is success or the success of others. An example of that might be someone you work with gets a promotion and that “friend” that you once ate lunch with and shot the breeze with is now a butt kissing so and so who only got where he is because of back stabbing people like you. I know you are thinking this is more jealousy than fear but hear me out. Where I think the fear comes into this equation is, your friend and you both had the same opportunity to get promoted. Maybe you are afraid people now look down on you because you did not get it or afraid people may consider you to be lazy or not intelligent enough, etc….. While there is a bit of jealousy, I think what most fear is what others think of them. So you deflect this to a jealousy state where you tear down your “friend” to make yourself look better.

Why are people afraid of success? I am no expert on this but I do have my opinions on the subject. Some may be afraid of succeeding because of the expectations now placed upon them to do more. Some may be afraid that all success leads to failure, or what goes up must some down syndrome. They believe that anything good that happens to them always follows with something bad. Problem is, if you can find good and bad in every situation you run into. If you keep thinking negative thoughts or keep looking for the bad to happen, guess what? It will!! You are the master of your own destiny and how you face your fears is what set you apart. Be grateful for success, whether is be in your gains at the gym, promotions/recognitions at work or other accomplishments you achieve. Even when bad things happen, you can find silver linings all around you. Take this for example: Anna has a lady that is on her Network Marketing team that, in my estimation, has to be the most positive person on the planet. This lady signed up with Anna to do a business that she really was not experienced with, completely out of her comfort zone to do and jumped in feet first with great enthusiasm. One month after she joined, she was laid off from her job of 20+ years. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, this lady looked at the bright side, “Hey now I get to focus all my attention on my new business, how great is that?” When things don’t go her way, she looks at is as a positive learning experience. Her positivity rubs off on every one around her. I am sure she had to be afraid of the changes that were upcoming in her family due to her job loss but she looked that fear dead in the eye and made a positive out of it. She isn’t letting fear run her life.

Don’t be afraid to succeed. You have worked hard and success os the fruit of that labor. Enjoy what come along with it you have earned it. Don’t wait for the other shoe to fall, you can’t control what might be. What you can control is how you get successful and how you keep working hard even after you have achieved success. When you reach your goal in the gym, set another goal and go for it. When you achieve financial success, save for a rainy day and work even harder to reach that next level of success. If you keep challenging yourself to be better that you were yesterday, you will succeed and that is nothing at all to be afraid of

Franklin D. Roosevelt said it best, “Only thing we have to fear is fear itsefl” Unless there is a rat in your house. Then be afraid, be very afraid…. or move, the choice is yours!!

Go be the best you, you can be today!!







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