What is your “WHY”?

I have been studying Network Marketing for a little while and one of the selling points of which ever business you choose to be a part of is your “Why”. Why are you in this business? What is your driving force behind this? What is YOUR story? We all have a story, whether we know we do or not. Your story is what brought you to the point of starting your own business or in my case, brought me to the point of wanting a healthy lifestyle. You must know your “WHY” if you want to be successful at any endeavor you choose. Some will say right off the bat, “I want to be rich” or “I want to lose weight”. Those are fine answers but, they are not really your why. You must dig deeper within yourself to determine what your why is.

My “Why” for choosing a healthy lifestyle is simple but I really had to dig deep to discover it. I will be 53 in March and my  beautiful wife will be 44 in August. I think the average 1st grader can determine that is just under a 9.5 year difference in our ages. Let’s put this in even simpler terms; when I graduated high school in May of 1983 my wife was 8 years old and just finishing up the 3rd grade!!! At my current weight, I am at risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke etc… If I don’t do an about-face and get back on the track of a healthy lifestyle right now, I may not be able to later. I could very well let myself get into such a shape that there will be nothing I can do to reverse the effects that my lifestyle choices have done to my body. God brought us together at the right time in our lives so, I need to do all I can to live a long, happy and healthy life so I can be around to enjoy it with her. My son will be 19 in a few days and I need to stick around a little longer to make sure he stays on the correct path to becoming a valuable member of society. I still have so much to live for and accomplish and it is up to me to get healthy. My “WHY” is my love and devotion to and for my family. I have to do all I can to be around for as long as they need me and if the God is willing that will be a long, LONG time.

Find out what your “WHY” is in all that you do in life. Once you find your “WHY”, the rest will be easy for you to accomplish. Try it for yourself and see. Right now, stop what you are doing and ask yourself, “What is my WHY??”

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