If it is to be, it is up to me…

Wow did 2 months fly by or what? Hard to believe we are 2 months in to 2018. Time flys when you are having fun huh????

I have never been one to listen to self-help mumbo jumbo before, I just never got caught up in all of that. I have several friends who will swear by the likes of Anthony Robbins, Dr. Phil, etc…. but I just never latched on to that idea. How could anyone who wasn’t me, know how to fix me or make my life better? No one has the problem I face, I am unique and am the first to ever have these feelings of self loathing, depression, no future and such (You can sense my sarcasm here right?) Truth is, I didn’t want anyone’s help. I was going to figure all this out on my own because I AM MAN HEAR ME ROAR!! I followed this line of thinking and sure enough, I came out of all that gloom and doom to the a happy life and I am very lucky to have it. Although I would not change any experience I went through to get here, I was a stubborn ass for not looking into what these experts were saying. I blamed everything from God to the mail man for all my troubles and bad luck. Once I let all that blame go and started realizing that it the universe was not all about me and my problems and utilized the phrase, “If it is to be, it is up to me” life started getting better. It took me 6 years to work all that out. If I had listed to that “mumbo jumbo” from Robbins and the rest, probably would have done it much sooner. That is basically what they preach.

Things just don’t happen the way you want them too just because you are you. YOU are not entitled to anything. YOU have to work for everything you get, whether is in your personal life, your business life or your spiritual life, you have to make the efforts to make change happen for you. If you don’t go into the gym and work your butt off while you are there, eat the right foods and get the right amount of rest, your body will never change to what you want it to be, PERIOD! You can’t just will yourself into shape. If you don’t put in all your efforts in your marriage or relationship, how can it possibly work?? If you start a home based business and you don’t pour your heart and soul into making it a success, it will not be a success. If you have all the tools,support and knowledge available to you and you refuse to use them, you are at fault not your business. You have to want to succeed in your life just as much as you need to breathe or eat. You have to work hard and put forth all the effort you can muster each and every day. If you have a minimum wage work ethic, you will never see millionaire wages or results. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”. – Tony Robbins

A new month brings with it an empty slate, You can make this month anything you want it to be. Why not make this month the one that starts your new life? Why not give it 30 days and do things totally different from the way you have before and see what happens? What have you got to lose???? You have tried it your way right? How is that working for you???

Go out and be the best YOU, you can be!!!

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