Seeing is believing….

My wife and I have committed ourselves to the healthier way of living and for better or worse, we are going to stick to it. It hasn’t always been easy, temptations are everywhere. My wife is a dental hygienist so you think she would be safe from temptation during the work day, WRONG!! Everyday she sends me pictures of cupcakes, pastries, cakes etc…. that someone has brought to their break room. She has resisted so far but, it has been tough on her to do so. I am a parts manager at a car dealership so temptations are all around me. Snacks in the machine, someone brings a cake or cookies, someone goes out for lunch and brings back a big delicious cheeseburger. The biggest temptation of all; we have a popcorn machine her at the dealership. The smell of freshly popped popcorn is almost more than I can bare but, so far, I have resisted. All the hard work is paying off and I have the pictures to prove it.

We went with some friends to see the broadway play “Wicked” the other night. We went to eat before hand and, as usual, we had to take pictures. One picture of the both of us got me to thinking, “I wonder how much we have changed since the first of the year.” I scrolled through my pictures and found one of us that was taken the January 1 and I compared it to the one taken the other night. You be the judge:

The scale may not show the loss that we had hoped for but it is obvious to me that we both have lost some inches and flab. Look at out faces. The change is remarkable to me in only 67 days. We have worked so hard and to see this change is very encouraging. Pictures are a wonderful way to gauge your progress. As I have said before, sometimes the scale doesn’t tell the whole story. Take pictures and compare them every 30 days. They do make a difference and tell the whole story. Don’t rely just on a scale for your progress. Remember, slow progress is still progress so don’t give up!

My personal goal is to be at 225 by April 26th. Today I am at 238 so I know I will make it. In fact, I am so confident that I am moving my goal to 220. I have not asked my wife what her weight is, (I am not stupid!) but I know her goal is get healthier which in turn will help her feel better and into her”Skinny Jeans”  I am so proud of her!!! She is my inspiration!!

Don’t be afraid of pictures, they can be your biggest motivator! Go out and be the best YOU, you can be today!


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