Day one or one day…..

I decided that this week, I am going to get up at 4:45 AM, go to the gym and get my workout in. It has been a struggle lately to find enough time in the day to get my work out in. I am at work everyday around 7:15 AM and leave for the day around 5. My wife has her training at 5:30 PM 3 days a week and my son does his own thing whenever. We have 2 dogs to take care of, dinner has to be cooked and that means one of us has to get home between 5:30 and 6:00 PM. I tried to go work out at 5 but, there is always a packed house at the gym during that time and getting a good work out in is dang near impossible. I just decided that I would not go in the afternoons and try to workout at home instead. That wasn’t working out either as trying to get dinner ready, take care of 2 dogs and whatever else may come up just made getting a workout in very difficult. My wife would say, “We have to find a way to let you workout too.” I’d always say, “One day honey, I will get there one day.”

I think we all have that mindset when we start thinking about a lifestyle change or plans, whether it be getting healthier, saving or making more money, taking a vacation or a project around the home. The battle cry is ,”One Day, I will do…….” ( you fill in the blank). “One Day” is the same thing as “Tomorrow”. It is that mystical day that never seems to come around. “One day, I am going to lose weight”, “One day, I am going to get myself in to shape” “One day, I am going to take that cruise/vacation”.  We keep saying this as if that “One Day” will just pick itself for us. Unfortunately, that is not how it works, YOU have to decide which day is going to switch from “One Day” to “Day One” Ben Franklin said is best:

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

Today was “Day One” for me. I got up, went to the gym, go in a good 45 minute workout, showered at the gym and heading in to work. I arrived early to work, more energized that normal and attacked this Monday instead of letting it attack me. I thought getting up an hour earlier that normal would have me tired and lethargic but it was the exact opposite. Now, I can get through the rest of my day knowing I have gotten my workout in and it feels great. Turning that “One Day” into “Day One” was a great decision for me and I bet it will be for you too. We all have to start somewhere so, what is stopping you? Let this be the “Day One” for you and say goodbye to “One Day” You will thank yourself when you do.

Go be the best YOU, you can be today!

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