One day of bad choices………

One of the hardest things about eating clean is having to give up some of the foods you absolutely love. Foods such as pasta, pizza, french fries, etc…. You don’t have to give them up forever but, you do have to pick and choose when you eat them but, if you are starting out of in the middle of the journey, it is best that you avoid these foods like the plague. If i did not believe that before, this weekend made me a believer!

When I commit myself to anything, I become obsessed with it. Whether is be a project, a game, working out or going to a healthier lifestyle, I go all in with it. I have been hard at this healthy lifestyle change going on month #4 so I have been charting just EVERYTHING. Things food, water intake, steps taking and weight are daily activities for me. I kind of go OCD when it comes to these, it is just how I am, can’t help it. Saturday was no different. I got up, weighed in a 225.6 lbs, made my breakfast and charted to 240 calories I had taken in and the day was starting off as any other, or so I thought.

A friend of ours had the Grand Opening of her beauty shop so we stopped by to show our support. We weren’t going to stay long as we had an appointment with a CPA about our taxes. When we arrive we notice there is a Taco Truck parked outside the shop. Knowing we were crunched for time, my wife suggested that we just get something from the truck for lunch. As I looked at the menu, there was nothing that fit what I had been eating for the past 3 months. So, we decided to split a Beef Brisket Quesadilla and a Fried Chicken Taco. What could it hurt, right? The quesadilla wasn’t that big, came in 3 pieces so, we each had 1.5 pieces of the quesadilla and one fried chicken taco apiece. I did not fill overly full and thought this wouldn’t hurt me too bad. I have been very good so, this one little guilty pleasure wouldn’t kill me, maybe…..

After the tax man, we went home and decided to go to a movie. Our son tagged along so it was family night out. Of course when you go to a movie, you got to have popcorn. So, my wife and I split a bucket of popcorn, no butter so it can’t be that bad right??? After the movie, we let my son choose what would be our dinner choice. What else would a 19-year-old beast of a man-child want but PIZZA. We order a large meatlovers pizza and my wife and I split a huge greek salad. I had 2 slices of pizza, half a salad and water and did not feel stuffed nor bloated. On our way home I thought to myself, “You cheated today but, probably didn’t hurt you too bad. Just call this your “Cheat Day” and enjoy it” Sunday morning rolls around, I get up and get on that scale. 230!!! I had gained almost 5 lbs in one damn day!!! I looked in the mirror and my face looked swollen. All the sodium I taken in the day made me retain water and I was dearly paying for it!! Although the weight gain was mostly fluid, this taught me the effects of poor eating choices. It is ok to have pizza, popcorn and tacos in moderation, it is never a good idea when you are eating clean to have day filled with them. My fat, swollen face was proof enough for me.

After a day at the gym and back to eating clean, I weighed in today a 228.6 down from yesterday but still up from the Saturday low. I have every confidence I will get back to losing again but it will take 2-3 days of gym and clean eating to make up for a day of bad choices. I will say though, that pizza was DAMN GOOD!

Go out and be the best YOU, you can be today!

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