5:30 isn’t early enough…..

For the last few weeks, I have been getting up around 4:45 AM everyday to go the gym. I decided that it would just be best for my family and me to go at that time. It allows me to get my workouts in and still be home early enough to get dinner cooked and take care of the dogs while my wife gets her workout in after work. The gym I am a member of is on the small side but has a big membership. The afternoons and evenings are packed so, getting to the machine or weights you want is sometimes a struggle. I thought by going in early that I would basically have the gym to myself. I was wrong!

I get to the gym at or around 5:30 every morning and the parking lot is full of cars when I get there. I don’t know why but it still shocks me every morning. I cannot believe how many people are at the gym at that time of day. When I walk in, every cardio machine is taken with, let’s just say “Senior Citizens”, God bless em!! They are on stationary bikes, treadmills and ellipticals, just a talking to each other like they are in church or the coffee shop. Some are using the weight machines and some are rocking the free weights. It does my heart good to see them doing their thing and proves that you are never too old to get healthy.

There is also the types that treat the gym as it is a social event. They are half-ass working out while discussing the current events, their plans for the day and complain about their wives/significant others. For every 1 minute of exercise, there is 5 minutes of discussion. I don’t know about you but, I don’t like hearing myself talk at 5 in the morning let alone anyone else! These type people really confuse me!! Then there are the girls that come in that are either just getting started and don’t want to be seen by anyone or the “Fit Girls” who want to workout without being ogled at or hit on by the next group…..

The “POWER BRO’S”! Yes, these bozo’z are even at the gym in the early hours. This group is at every gym in America. They are all muscled up, hair just right, wearing the latest in fitness attire and have the newest design and edition of headphones. They spend more time fist bumping, high fiving and mirror gazing than they actually do working out. They usually run in a pack of 4-5, the biggest muscle head being the alpha. As he goes, the rest follows. If he grunts, they all grunt. Usually in this pack is “The Runt”. He has the least muscle mass of the bunch but he is the most enthusiastic to be there. The others try to teach them their ways but, he is far behind the curve. While the others have already developed their muscles and are just there to “hang”, he wants to work out. They usually answer his questions and give him “Ata Boys” here and there. They tie up machines and area’s of the gym where the mirrors are, admiring their physiques in hopes that the one or two younger girls that have ventured into the gym this early in the morning are sneaking glimpses of them.

I have found that it really doesn’t matter what time you go to a gym, you usually will find all types of people at there at that time. Just get there, do your thing and silently laugh to yourself and the different characters you will see. Life is too short not to enjoy the little things in life! Just go and have fun!!

Go be the best YOU, you can be today!!

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