Hitting the wall (Plateau)….

At the beginning of this month, I weighed in at 229 lbs. My original goal was 225 by the end of April. Feeling I had that in the bag, I set my self a new goal of 220 and pushed forward. By April 8, I was at 225.5 and thought to myself, this is going to be a breeze! Well, I had a bad day, eating wise, on the 8th and BOOM, I was back up to 228.6. Knowing that it was more than likely just water retention, I did not let it phase me and kept “Doin My Thang”! Well, for the month of April I have been stuck between 225-228. No matter what I eat, no matter how hard I exercise, I just can’t seem to break the 225 barrier. I was getting as frustrated as a one-armed paper hanger and then it hit me, I have hit that dreaded wall or “plateau” as the experts call it.

The human body is an amazing piece of work. It can adjust its metabolism at the blink of an eye. During the journey, you make changes to your diet and activity level. At first your body is like “WHOA!!” and the changes in your appearance start off quickly. You are losing weight and inches at a quick pace and you are seeing the results you were hoping for. You get pumped up and your motivation is through the roof. Then your body catches up to what you are doing, “OHHHHH I see what we are doing, I need to slow things down so I don’t starve or burn through fuel quite as fuel quite as fast.” It will adjust to the number of calories you have been taken in and make that the norm. It will grow accustomed to your work out regime, and only burn so many calories to conserve energy. This is what the experts call. “The Plateau”. At this point, most people will just say “This is a low as I can get, no need to keep working this hard if nothing is going to change.” They stop trying and BOOM, the weight and inches come screaming back and then some. Then, they start the cycle all over again. I call this the “See-Saw Approach” This will never work in the end and you will never maintain a healthy weight of lifestyle with this approach. There is a better way!

When you hit that wall, that is when you change things up! What I did this time around was have a couple of cheat days. We had a family adventure this weekend and I ate things I have not been such as, greasy hamburger (no bun, I am not crazy!) taco salad, popcorn and some salted peanuts. Sunday, I had a couple of pancakes and grilled up some hot dogs, pork chops and chicken thighs. Not really bad but, different from what I had been putting in my body. I increased my cardio from 20 minutes to 30 and increased the pace as well. I wear a Garmin device that keeps up with my total steps for the day. I went from roughly 10,00 steps per day up to 14-15 by adding a 10 minute walk in after I eat. I park further away from the building and make myself walk a little more each day. It may not sound like much but, you will be surprised at how even the smallest of changes can make a difference.Yesterday, I busted through that plateau, weighing in a 224.6 and today I am at an even 224.

Don’t give up when you hit that wall, push yourself a little more instead. You can and will hit your goals, you just have to believe you can and let nothing or no one stop you, not even yourself.

Go out and be the best YOU, you can be today!!!

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