Reprogramming yourself….

I am on day 128 of the Healthier Me Tour 2018 and that is a tad over 1/3 of a year. In that time frame I have lost 33 pounds, down two pant size, down two shirt sizes, have more energy, sleep better and just a better me overall. I am making better food choices and working out has now become second nature to me. I firmly believe that once most of us make up our minds we are going to do something, make a plan and commit to that plan, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. When you want change, you have to reprogram yourself to make that happen. It takes 21 days for a behavior to become a habit. You have to commit and follow through.

My father in law has decided he wants to lose some weight. He has seen how much I have changed and he wants that as well. So, we sat down and I explained to him exactly what I was doing. First thing he wanted to know is, what are you eating? I explained to him that since I was in such bad shape and obese, I had to make a drastic change. I cut my calories back to 1400 a day. He had the same response as everyone else, “WHAT??? That is impossible to do and not be starving!” I told him that it was in fact, very easy to do, you just have to eat the right foods. He still did not believe me so I showed him a simple example. I took a package of chicken breast and showed him the nutritional chart on the back. A serving size of boneless, skinless chicken breast is 4 oz and that equates to approximately 187 calories. I then took a can of green beans and showed him that 4 oz of green beans was 35 calories and if you ate the entire can, it was only 70 calories. I explained to him it is all about the food choices and if you eat more of the lower calories foods, such as vegetables and less of the higher calorie foods, you can set yourself at 1400 calories and find that is not only plenty of food, it may be too much! He still did not believe that was all I was eating but he was willing to give it a go.

Saturday night, we went out to eat with my in-laws and Pop still was having a hard time with the diet. “I am starving to death” he said as we walked out the door. I said what have you been eating. “I have done exactly as you told me, but I am doing 1500 calories a day.” Then my mother in law busted him out, “He is not doing what you told him, he is still eating bread in the mornings and he only eats 2 meals a day!!” I said, “No wonder you are starving!! You have to spread those calories out during the day.” He argued that he is still only doing 1500 calories so it was ok. Shaking my head, we walked into the restaurant. As we sat down, he said, “I am going to eat exactly what you do.” I nodded in agreement. Waitress came over and I ordered a salad with grilled chicken and balsamic vinaigrette. He ordered the same. The waitress brought out bread and put it on the table and Pop was the first one to reach for a roll. “What are you doing?” I asked. He said “One won’t hurt me and I love bread!” I just laughed and said, you have to cut that bread out for now until you get some of this weight off. He said’ “Well all we are eating is a salad and that ain’t going to be enough!” I just shook my head and smiled. It dawned on me that just a few short months ago, I was the same way. I had to reprogram my way of thinking about food to make good choices no matter where I was. Making good foo choices is a state of mind. I know what I want to accomplish and I have made the decision to cut back on certain things and eat more of the healthier foods. I don’t feel like I am missing anything, on the contrary, I have detoxed myself from all the bad foods and I don’t really miss them. Do I still eat bread? Of course I do, I just don’t make it a norm. I am at point now that I can eat the “not so good” foods every once in a while and it not throw me off course. I could not do that in January, it would have sabotaged my mission. I told Pop, once you decide you really want to lose that belly, you will! Until then, you are just running in mud, not going anywhere.

Make plan, commit to that plan and follow that plan. You will find yourself making better choices everyday and before you know it, those choices become second nature to you. Whether is a food plan or workout plan, you have to commit to that plan and work it until it becomes a habit. Remember, not all habits are bad!

Go out and be the best YOU, you can be today!

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