30 Seconds….

Just about everyday, I call my Dad, just to check on him. As some of you know, my Dad suffered a stroke a just over 5 years ago and last year, had to have his left leg amputated. He fought hard through rehab and came back home April 2020. Dad is the toughest man I know and he proves it over and over again daily. But I regress, back to the story at hand.

If you know my Dad, he is a man of very few words. The phone calls we have usually last around 30 seconds and they go something like this: (Dad is in caps).

“Ring Ring…..YEAH! Hey bud! HEYYYY!! What ya doing? WATCHING TV. What ya watching? GUNSMOKE, How you feeling? GOOD, HOW ARE YOU? Doing good Pop. HOW’S THE BOY? He is good. HOW’S THE GIRL? She is doing fine. GREAT! You need anything? NOT A THING, YOU TAKE CARE! Bye Pop!”

This is our daily phone call. Sometime we share what we had for dinner and sometimes, he is watching a game show but, the call is basically the same and last around 30 seconds more or less. May not seem like a lot but, I look forward to this call everyday as does my Dad. I try to call everyday around the same time but, sometimes, I will be a delayed and if that happens, he calls me. The call remains the same with the only exception being him asking if I am ok. He thinks something must be wrong because I haven’t called. So yeah, that 30 second call means something to him as well.

30 seconds may not sound like a lot but, I am grateful that I have those 30 seconds with him everyday. I would give anything to be able to talk to my mom for just 30 seconds one more time. I have had several friends in the past few months lose a parent to covid related or other issues and I am positive, they would love to have 30 seconds to talk to them. Some of you are lucky enough to have one if not both of your parents still with you. I hope you realize just how lucky you are. Treasure your time with them, they truly are our best friends. If you aren’t now, develop the habit of calling them as much as possible. Whether you believe it or not, that phone call makes their day

It took me becoming a parent myself to understand the depth of love my parents had for me. It took me watching my son grow up and become his own man to understand how much you can miss a person when they aren’t around. It took the loss of one parent to realize that my parents are truly my best friends. As long as I have the opportunity to, I will call my dad everyday. As much as it may make his day when I call, it means that much more to me to hear his voice on the other line saying, “YEAH”. One day, I won’t be able to pick up phone and hear that, I hope that day is far, far away.

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